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Located near Guyra (north of Armidale NSW), Milani is a popular bowhunting destination for southern Queensland, NSW and Victoria. You can see an honour board in the cottage and a few examples of successes on this web page.

Milani is a large 8000 acre property of mostly undisturbed bushland. Because of the thick bush and rugged terrain much of the property provides an ideal home to a wide variety of wildlife from native animals to goats, pigs, foxes, rabbits and deer. There are many hidden valleys and watering holes that allow game to live undisturbed.

Most of the year provides ideal hunting conditions because of the temperate climate. The property does not have a closed season but be aware that the months of July and August are very cold. Visitors will enjoy excellent pig hunting in those months but may suffer the worst of the winter hardships (such as frozen water).

Lynne and Wal welcome responsible hunters who are members of a recognised hunting club or approved organization and you are requested to bring your membership details with you to ensure your public liability is current, and for entry into our database.

Conditions: For safety reasons and our duty of care, we have several conditions of hunting on Milani which you will find listed below under the heading Terms and Conditions. To maximize the opportunity for a successful hunting experience we only have one hunting group at any one time giving you many different opportunities to locate animals.

This video was filmed at Milani and features Ron Green our approved guide.

Accommodation at Milani

Our accommodation is cosy and warm for winter guests or bright and breezy for summer. A trout stream stocked with rainbow trout is an added feature of the property.

Milani Cottage is a fully self-contained three bedroom house with everything provided except linen and food (or we can provide linen too for a small fee). Blankets, pillows and doonas are supplied but bring your sleeping bag and warm clothes in winter just in case. There is an open fire place in the lounge room and barbeque facilities are available. Each bedroom has two single beds. One has a double bed.

outside view of cottage longe room in cottage


$45 per person per night (2 night minimum / 2 person minimum)
Hunting $40 per hunter per day
Guide (see below) $120 per day (All first time visitors to Milani MUST be accompanied by a guide for first day.).
Butchering $50 (no bucks and not after dark)
A deposit of $50 is required to secure your booking. A location map is sent to you following your booking.

A property map and other material are supplied upon arrival.

Our guides

Wal Chapman is your host and knows the property intimately. He will orientate you to the property and show you all the boundaries and common haunts of animals as well as providing bush safety advice. This is usually broken into two sessions to allow you some immediate hunting time. Experience on Milani means Wal knows the wind currents and habits of the game amongst the multitude of hills and valleys. This understanding helps him to locate the game quickly and efficiently.

Jamie Jones is an experienced local who has been hunting on Milani for many years. Jamie brings a level of professionalism and safe practices to his guiding. He has an impressive array of trophies to demonstrate his expertise. He is available for weekend hunters.

Ron Green has been bow hunting for over 20 years, and has hunted on Milani for many years. Apart from hunting game, Ron competes as a member of the Walcha Mountain Archers in 3DAAA competitions around NSW. In 2011 Ron was second in the 3DAAA MBF State Series and first in the State Titles. He was also sixth in the National Titles in 2011. In 2008 and 2009 he was placed third in the state and seventh in the 2009 nationals.

It is a part of our risk management policy for hunting on Milani that all first-timers undertake their first day with a guide. This ensures a thorough orientation to the intricacies of Milani and that boundaries are clearly understood in areas of thick scrub.


Contact Wal or Lynne Chapman if you have any questions or queries. You can also use the Milani Bowhunting online booking form.

Phone: (02) 6775 5735

Frequently asked questions

Can Milani supply linen?
Yes. We are able to supply linen at a small fee.

Can Milani supply food?
Yes. We are able to supply a meal package consisting of breakfast, packed luch, snacks and two course dinner. The cost for this meal package is $50/person/day.

Can Milani help with butchering and a cool room?
Yes. Wal will either butcher your animal for you or show you how to do it yourself. We have a cool room to hang your animal ready for transport home. The cost for butchering in daylight hours is $50 (no bucks).

What UHF channel does Milani use?
Our channel is 30 although hills do interupt our coverage on occasion.

Terms and conditions

Approved Clubs

Conditions changed in NSW in 2014 and the DPI now lists approved clubs who provide insurance coverage. Please check with Lynne or Wal when booking if you are unsure. If you are a member of the organizations listed below you will be covered for insurance purposes.

Forum link: Bowhunters Group of Australia